May 15, 2019 President Trump signed an executive order giving the federal government the power to block US companies from buying foreign-made telecommunications equipment deemed a national security risk.
But in a clear strike against Huawei, the Commerce Department separately announced on Wednesday that it had placed the company and its dozens of affiliates on a list of firms deemed a risk to national security. The listing will prevent it from buying American parts and technologies without seeking United States government approval.

2019年5月15日 特朗普总统签署了一份行政命令,授权联邦政府阻止美国公司购买被视为国家安全风险的外国制造的电信设备。 但在对华为的明确罢工中,美国商务部周三分别宣布,已将该公司及其数十家附属公司列入被认为对国家安全构成风险的公司名单。 如果不寻求美国政府的批准,上市将阻止其购买美国零件和技术。


May 19, 2019 "Google has suspended Huawei’s access to updates of its Android operating system and chipmakers have reportedly cut off supplies to the Chinese telecoms company, after the US government added it to a trade blacklist last week.
Google said it was complying with an executive order issued by Donald Trump and was reviewing the “implications”, later adding that Google Play – through which Google allows users to download apps – and the security features of its antivirus software Google Play Protect would continue on existing Huawei devices. New versions of its smartphones outside China would lose access to popular applications and services including Google Play, Maps and the Gmail app
(from The Guardian).

2019年5月19日 据美国政府上周将其列入交易黑名单,谷歌已暂停华为对其Android操作系统更新的访问,据报道,芯片制造商已切断对中国电信公司的供应。 谷歌表示,它正在遵守唐纳德特朗普发布的行政命令并正在审查其“影响”,后来又补充说Google Play允许用户下载应用程序,而其防病毒软件Google Play Protect的安全功能将继续 现有华为设备。 中国以外的新版智能手机将无法访问流行的应用和服务,包括Google Play,地图和Gmail应用


May 20, 2019 “Huawei has made substantial contributions to the development and growth of Android around the world. As one of Android’s key global partners, we have worked closely with their open-source platform to develop an ecosystem that has benefited both users and the industry. Huawei will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphone and tablet products, covering those that have been sold and that are still in stock globally. We will continue to build a safe and sustainable software ecosystem, in order to provide the best experience for all users globally.” in a statement emailed to The Verge
A spokesman for China’s ministry of foreign affairs, Lu Kang, said Beijing would “support Chinese enterprises in defending their legitimate rights through legal methods”.

2019年5月20日 华为为全球Android的发展和发展做出了重大贡献。 作为Android的主要全球合作伙伴之一,我们与其开源平台密切合作,开发了一个既为用户和行业带来利益的生态系统。 华为将继续为所有现有的华为和荣誉智能手机和平板电脑产品提供安全更新和售后服务,涵盖已售出且全球库存的产品。 我们将继续构建安全可持续的软件生态系统,以便为全球所有用户提供最佳体验


June 02, 2019 BEIJING — In a white paper released Sunday morning, Chinese officials showed little indication that they would back down, sending a signal that confrontation is the government’s formal approach to its trade dispute with Washington. The white paper came less than two days after the Chinese government threatened to put American companies and individuals on a blacklist if they stopped supplying their Chinese partners, without citing specifics. “China will never give in on major issues of principle,” the white paper said. “China isn’t willing to fight a trade war, but it isn’t afraid to fight and will fight if necessary. That attitude has not changed.” The white paper was released at a hastily arranged news conference on Sunday morning featuring Wang Shouwen, the Chinese vice minister of commerce and deputy China international trade representative. “When you give them an inch, the U.S. wants a yard,” Mr. Wang said, adding that the United States insisted on “unreasonably high demands” that crossed over into the area of “intervening with China’s sovereignty.” The Trump administration’s latest efforts to ramp up pressure on China “show very clearly who should take responsibility” for the current state of relations, he added.. (from Alexandra Stevenson - NYT).

2019年6月2日 北京 - 中国周日采取了挑衅立场,以应对特朗普总统日益增长的贸易压力,指责美国谈判破裂,并表示必须在达成协议前撤回其最新一轮关税。 在周日早间发布的一份白皮书中,中国官员几乎没有表示他们会退缩,这表明对抗是政府对华盛顿贸易争端的正式方式。白皮书是在中国政府威胁要将美国公司和个人列入黑名单后不到两天,如果他们停止供应中国合作伙伴,而不引用具体细节。 白皮书说:“中国永远不会放弃重大的原则问题。” “中国不愿意打一场贸易战,但它并不害怕打架,必要时也会打架。这种态度没有改变。“ 白皮书是在周日早晨匆忙安排的新闻发布会上发布的,中国商务部副部长,中国国际贸易代表副总裁王守文。 “当你给他们一英寸时,美国想要一个院子,”王先生说,并补充说美国坚持“无理要求的高要求”,进入“干涉中国主权”的领域。 他补充说,特朗普政府最近加大对中国施加压力的努力“非常明确地表明谁应该为现状建立责任”。中国使用白皮书来详细说明并正式回应经常引起争议的问题,表明政府对此事持独一无二的统一看法。